Unplugged Road Trip Activities for Families written by Andrea Buttram


Unplugged Road Trip Activities for Families
Written By Andi Buttram April 2016

Vacation season is here, but first you must make it to HERE…Utah’s #1 Campground, Zion
River Resort. RV and camping trips are some of life’s most memorable family times, but driving
for hours with children in tow can be a challenge. As a parent who loves to travel just like you,
I’d like to offer two alternatives to zoning out to tablet games and movies for hours on end.

Photo Album Project
How many family photographs hang in cyberspace or stored on your phone? This activity
requires some preparation but it can include everyone with a nice ending payoff. Not only will
you accomplish a dreaded task, you’ll begin your vacation with a bonding experience.
● Print a selection of photographs you would like to have in a photo album keepsake.
● Buy a photo album or two.
● As you travel down the road, as a family, sort through the photographs. This is a natural
conversation starter for you to all share in your history together. Organize the photos as
you wish.
● Place the photographs in the album with simple descriptions of time and place.

Keepsake Friendship Bracelets
Friendship bracelets and variations of them never go out of style. Generation after generation
seems to make these bracelets. Styles vary from very simple braided types to the more complex
knot styles. This creative, challenging project has the potential to kill an hour or two in the car.
It’s also a great activity to continue in camp during downtime hours.
● Search for and print directions for making friendship bracelets. Be sure to pick several
styles that range from beginner to more complex skills.
● Buy lots of embroidery yarn and bring along scissors. Also a classic clipboard (the type
for holding papers) per person is perfect for holding the yarn as they make the bracelets.
● Make a pact to wear your special bracelet during vacation and to keep it as a simple
souvenir afterwards.

Zion River Resort Activities
We love providing opportunities for you and your family to play and create together! We are very
excited about some new activities for our 2016 season. We will paint birdhouses, decorate
postcards, design cowboy & cowgirl hats, and more. Check out our monthly activity schedule at
www.zionriverresort.com We can’t wait to see you!