Organize your RV Kitchen by Andrea Buttram


As camping season draws closer, it’s time to prepare your RV for relaxing stays at your favorite campground. The RV kitchen is one of the most highly used areas.  Let’s find ways to make your limited space more functional and easy to use so you have more time to unwind.

The key to making your small kitchen work for you is organization and use of every inch. There are many products made especially for RV kitchens, but there are also DIY solutions straight from the local dollar store.  Below you’ll find a great assortment of simple and cheap organizing ideas for your little kitchen.

The Hanging Shoe Organizer

This gem can be used in many places throughout your camper. Cut a small section for those bulky cleaning supplies that leave the room feeling cluttered if left on the counter. Use the extra pockets in another room.


By cutting a shoe organizer down to size,

you can hang kitchen cleaning supplies in

normally “dead” space.

Counter Extension

Ask any camper who cooks and they’ll agree that counter space is something sorely missed from a regular sized kitchen. Well, you can add a bit more room for meal preparation by adding a counter extension that simply flips up and locks when you need it


You can make your own extension

or buy a kit from retailers.

A little extra space can go a long way

Make the Most of Fridge & Freezer

Although having a camper refrigerator and freezer is definitely an improvement over just an ice chest, you can make the tiny space even better with a little help. Each food type goes in a dollar store container to make things easy to find. Elevate your freezer foods with a simple office shelf to utilize that area more efficiently.

You can find these items

at your local dollar store.

Use Magnetic Strips, Etc.

Drawers and cabinets can get out of control with your knives, spices, and other essentials rolling around. An easy solution is to hang these items to provide easy access and a less cluttered environment

Attaching mason jar lids to the underside

of cabinets is both practical and attractive. Just unscrew for access.

All in One Organizer

This particular over sink organizer kills many birds with one stone. Paper towels, coffee cups, dishes, medications, and more can sit in one formerly useless space. I think it looks nice too.


Both online and store retailers carry these sink

area organizers. Find one that suits your style.

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