Hiking to Kanarraville Falls

If you loved hiking and exploring the Narrows at Zion National Park, you’ll be doubly thrilled by hiking to Kanarraville Falls. One of the most photographed sights in Southern Utah is Kanarraville Canyon with its red rock walls and two waterfalls.

Although not a technically challenging hike, all slot canyons pose the real danger of flash flooding, so check the weather report before you go. Wear sturdy shoes – you’ll be walking through knee-deep water. At 1.6 miles in you’ll encounter the first waterfall, a dramatic sight illuminated by a narrow sliver of sunlight above.

Hiking to Kanarraville Falls

Log Ladder No More

Previously, the only way to get above that first waterfall and continue to the next fall was to scramble up a treacherous, rickety log and rope ladder. In August of 2021, all of that changed when monsoons and flash floods washed the old ladder away. Tiny Kanarraville (pop 460) turned to the Aviation Department of Southern Utah University for help. SUU donated their time and services, and with very fancy helicopter flying, lowered a custom-made, modern aluminum staircase into a tiny opening. See this needle-in-a-haystack video here.

The rustic ladder that could freeze over with slippery ice in the winter is gone. Today, when you go hiking to Kanarraville Falls, you can ascend a safe stairway with a handrail to see even more wonders at the second waterfall.

Best Time to go Hiking to Kanarraville Falls

Go now. The best time to go hiking to Kanarraville Falls is in the summer when the water is warmest. You will need a $12 hiking permit. Permits are limited to 150 hikers per day and typically sell out, so get yours in advance by clicking here. Sorry, no dogs are permitted at the Falls.

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