Grilling with Children at Zion River Resort

Everybody wants to be the BBQ chef, from little kids to teenagers. Teach them how – safely of course. There are enjoyable age-appropriate learning tasks for every child. Who knows…you might just have a junior pit master in the making!


Safety First

Set your grill up on a level surface ten feet away from your RV. Grills shouldn’t be used near low-hanging tree branches. NEVER leave children alone with the grill.

Consider your children’s ages and come up with ways they can participate safely…

  • Little Kids – Husk corn, rinse vegetables, help set the picnic table, put buns on a platter for burgers and hot dogs, and even assemble s’mores for later. No knives needed.
  • Bigger Kids – Help shape and season burgers, brush meats with marinades, put veggies on skewers, mix salads, fold napkins, help younger kids, and bring foods to the table. No knives needed.
  • Tweens and Teenagers – Teach your big helpers the proper way to hold a knife and allow them to chop vegetables and observe the grilling under your supervision. Teach grill clean-up.

Grilling with Children | Grilling Tips


Other Grilling Tips
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and make sure everyone knows how to use it.
  • Demonstrate how to use lighter fluid safely. Adding lighter fluid to a burning fire can cause flames to ignite the lighter fluid can itself.
  • Talk about hot areas of the grill – even the outside of it. Keep children from getting burned.
  • Use long-handled tongs and tools.
  • Demonstrate how to turn food to avoid grease splatter.
  • Explain why you never put cooked meat on a platter that just held raw meat. Teach the kids to wash their hands after handling raw meat.
  • Whatever takes the longest to cook must go on the grill first.
  • Let the Tweens and Teenagers demonstrate their clean-up skills – it’s a vital part of the process.
  • Never leave your grill unsupervised!


Back-Up Plan!

Just in case your doggie eats the hamburgers or you and the kids burn everything, Zion River Resort has your back. Just order a delicious dinner from our take-out grill and pretend you cooked it yourself.

Spring time is a great time for a family BBQ at Zion River Resort. Enjoy the pool, the mining sluice, the playground, the off-leash dog park, and a million other fun activities when you book your stay.


You can almost hear the sizzle of those burgers on the grill!

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