All About the Virgin River

From its headwaters above Zion National Park, the Virgin River is the lifeblood of southwestern Utah, sustaining people, plants, and animals while continuing to carve the mighty rock formations that make our region’s scenery so unique.

We Need the Virgin River

Although just over 150 miles long, this short river provides water for the current human population of about 175,000. Because our area is so beautiful, the population is expected to more than triple within the next 30 – 40 years. That’s a lot more people drinking water and watering lawns!

The Virgin River provides more than drinking water – it is also the source of some of our most-cherished recreational activities, like rafting, tubing, swimming, boating, and fishing. And speaking of fish, the Virgin River is the only home in which several species of endangered fish can survive.

Virgin River


Enjoying the River

From Native American hunter-gatherers in the ancient past, right up through settlers and modern-day vacationers, the Virgin River has lured people with its promise of arable farmlands, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking scenery.

You can enjoy activities on the tranquil Virgin River as it flows past Zion River Resort or you can visit George Barker River Park in nearby Springdale. There you’ll find ample parking, lush grass, BBQ pits, hiking trails, a nice bridge, big red rocks, and happy dogs and children running around. But no massive crowds. And it’s all free.

Water is Life

When you reserve your stay at Zion River Resort, you can be certain that we do everything possible to conserve this precious resource. If you love camping and you’re as concerned about the environment as we are, help us to ensure the sustainability of the Virgin River by clicking here and scrolling down.

Thanks for Your Love of Water, Wildlife, and the Environment and for Reserving Your Stay at Zion River Resort!

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